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A la carte menu

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The wine list

Our wines

 The bill must be requested and paid at the table. Thank you

Gastronomic experiences

(served to the whole table)

The menus we offer are gastronomic experiences with which our Chef leads you to discover our cuisine

5-Dish Tasting Menu € 50,00 for person
7-Dish Tasting Menu € 70,00 for person

Our Crudités



Large plateau royale of raw fish, shellfish and crustaceans
in dill sauce and shallot raspberry, lime and lemon vinegar
€ 45,00
Small plateau of fish raw fish, shellfish and crustaceans in dill sauce
and shallot raspberry, lime and lemon vinegar
€ 25,00
Half a dozen French Oysters
served with shallots in raspberry, lime and lemon vinegar
€ 18,00
Fish, crustaceans and shellfish subject to availability
Shellfish and crustaceans
Fish carpaccios
30g € 65,00
€ 3,50 cad.
€ 5,00 cad.
Small salad of Mazara
red prawns, asparagus, stracciatella and poppy seeds
€ 18,00
Sea bream tartare
with broad beans, strawberries and hazelnut oil
€ 16,00
Osietra caviar
with croutons and condiments
30g € 65,00
50g € 95,00
125g € 200,00

From the Mualdo counter

Assortment of typical Italian cold cuts
with pickled vegetables traditionally prepared
€ 13,00
Selection of typical Italian cold cuts and cheeses
with honey
€ 15,00
Fiocchetto di Culatello cold cut from Podere Cadassa
with Sermide melon
€ 15,00
Spanish cold cuts
Jamòn Iberico bellota Patanegra, Cecina de Leòn and Lardo di Patanegra
€ 20,00
Cecina de Leòn
(Spanish smoked beef bresaola) 
€ 18,00
Jamòn Iberico bellota Patanegra
and stuffed peppers 
€ 24,00
Selection of Italian cheeses
served with preserves, mustard and honey
€ 15,00


Cod tripe in sauce
with Castelluccio lentils
€ 14,00
Burrata, crispy calamari
served with a cream of peppers
€ 13,00
Classic Melanzane alla Parmigiana
with salmon and plum tomato fondue
€ 20,00
Beef olive oil and salt tartare
porcini mushrooms and clams in sauce
€ 15,00
Eggs, eggs and more eggs!
Slow cooked egg, fish roe, Osietra caviar (10 gr) and potato purée
€ 30,00
“Veal liver pate cookie”,
nutmeg-flavoured apple and coffee caramel
€ 15,00
Potato and porcini mushroom bake
with truffle-flavored Parmigiano Reggiano fondue
€ 18,00


Salera farm carnaroli rice
with porcini mushrooms and glazed blueberries
€ 13,00
(min. 2 pers.)
Garganelli in octopus salad,
potatoes and olives in rocket pesto
€ 18,00
Cheese and pepper spaghetti,
Red Prawns marinated in lime, poppy seeds and pink peppercorns
€ 15,00
Total Black:
Tagliolini in squid ink sauce, baby onion and Osietra caviar (10 g)
€ 30,00
San Marzano tomato gazpacho
and a rosette of cucumber and salmon with chives
€ 18,00
Tagliatelle with classic beef
ragu and Grana Padano Riserva cheese
€ 13,00
Home-made casoncelli stuffed pasta
with Sauris guanciale, sage and aged Parmesan
€ 12,00
Fusilli “Mualdo style”
with fresh and sun-dried tomato sauce and basil
€ 10,00


Tuna, asparagus
and candied citron served with teriyaki sauce
€ 20,00
Roasted octopus with pea purée,
stracciatella and Cetara anchovy sauce
€ 29,00
Brill Caprese style with lentils
and a reduction of red prawn bisque
€ 24,00
Angler Catalan style: grilled angler
with cherry tomatoes, croissants and sweet-and-sour Tropea onions
€ 21,00
Asparagus, eggs and melted Parmesan cheese € 18,00
Beef burgher in a soft bun,
with sweet-and-sour onions and chips
€ 21,00
Vitello tonnato: a slow-cooked fine cut of veal
in creamy tuna, anchovy and caper sauce
€ 18,00
Roast beef with wholegrain mustard and salsa creole dressing
€ 20,00
Fillet of beef cooked under a porcino mushroom
top with Martinengo potatoes cooked with the mushroom stalk
€ 25,00
La Fiorentina… a tradition dish of the Osteria…never less than 1 kg
€ 6,00 all’etto


Our Tiramisù:
a coffee-flavoured white frozen ball, mascarpone cream and Savoiardi biscuit crumble
€ 8,00
Watermelon pizza
frozen yoghurt and… lots of imagination
€ 8,00
Individual wild berry tart
tonka bean cream and soft pastry
€ 8,00
“Fresh” yoghurt and strawberry meringue
with rocket sorbet
€ 8,00
Soft apple cake (traditional recipe)
and fior di latte dairy ice cream
€ 8,00
Dark Valrhona chocolate (67%) cake,
vanilla custard and green apple sorbet
€ 8,00
biscuits and a glass of Passito Tre Filer – Cà dei Frati sweet wine
€ 8,00
A selection of 6 Valrhona chocolates € 6,00